- Festivalpark Werchter, Belgium

About Werchter Boutique

Werchter Boutique brings the best of pop music to the Festivalpark. On the Main Stage: artists who can provide high-quality entertainment and can enthrall a large crowd in the open air. There is dancing and singing, a lot of fun 'till the night hits.

Frequently asked questions

Tickets are sold out!

Tickets for Werchter Boutique 2023 are SOLD OUT! Ticketmaster Resale, a safe and official resale channel, has been activated. You can find more details about how to offer your tickets for resale here.

Are you looking for a ticket? You can check whether any tickets are currently listed on Resale via this link. Availability may change. Please check the page regularly for updates

A ticket to Werchter Boutique costs 108 euro, including service fee, mobility contribution and eco-fee, in presale.

A limited edition ‘Golden Circle' ticket, which guarantees access to the golden circle area right in front of the stage during P!NK's performance, is available for the price of 159 euro per ticket (service charge, mobility contribution and eco-fee included).

What are Golden Circle tickets?

A Golden Circle ticket will grant you guaranteed access to the zone in front of the stage, during P!NK's performance. During the other concerts, other festivalgoers have access to this zone as well, until max capacity is reached. During P!NK's performance, only festivalgoers with a bracelet granting them access to The Golden Circle, are allowed in this zone.

Ticket help

Our ticket partner Ticketmaster is happy to answer any questions. Their employees can be reached online. An answer to the most frequently asked ticketing related questions can be found in the Ticketmaster FAQ.

Stay vigilant

⚠️ Buy your tickets from www.ticketmaster.be only. Don't blindly order your tickets through the first website that pops up on your search engine. Chances are you are visiting an auctioning website or a ticket reseller. Not only will tickets offered through these websites be more expensive; you also risk being denied access to the festival.

There is a legal framework in Belgium that curbs the resale of tickets. The law of 30 July 2013 concerning the sale of tickets to events states that:

  • The occasional resale of tickets is allowed if the sale price is not higher than the definitive price that is on the ticket.
  • The non-occasional or regular reselling, or making platforms available where non-occasional resale can take place or where the price can exceed the maximum permitted price is prohibited.
  • The sale of free tickets, invitations, sponsor tickets or special offers of tickets before the official sale date is prohibited.
  • The victim of above mentioned practices can reclaim from the reseller the excess amount paid.

Nevertheless, the trade in festival tickets on parallel markets is rampant. Contrary to tickets purchased via the official ticket channels, tickets purchased on the black market do not guarantee validity. All too often we find that fraudulent tickets are offered via these channels. It is possible that tickets purchased on a parallel market are on the blacklist, so the access to the festival will be refused.