14:45 - 15:35

Zwangere Guy

The rap king of Brussels is a man who carries a lot of weight in the national hiphop community.   Zwangere Guy, born Gorik van Oudheusden, first became known as member of the posse from the capital:  STIKSTOF. The autobiographical ‘Gorik Pt. 1’ (2018) gave him a voice as a solo artist. The presentation of his first album ‘Wie is Guy?’ (2019) at the Ancienne Belgique was a sensation. It was a key moment in the life of Gorik/Guy: a few months earlier he had been working in the kitchens at the AB, and now here he was as headliner! The two sold-out nights also marked a big step in the maturing of Dutch-language hiphop. Zwangere Guy ended a great 2019 as Brussels man of the year, with seven MIA nominations and a second album in the same year. ‘BRUTAAL’ (= Brussels + language) gives a glimpse of things to come. 

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