19:35 - 20:35

Snow Patrol

Being patient is second nature to Snow Patrol. The band, whose members hail from Scotland and Northern Ireland, had to wait 10 years for their first hit. Following Chasing Cars (2006) the hits just kept coming. Shut Your Eyes, Take Back The City and Just Say Yes became international favourites. Bono made it known that he was a fan. Snow Patrol were unstoppable. However, after a powerful show at Rock Werchter 2012 – with Ed Sheeran as a guest – they fell silent. Amiable frontman Gary Lightbody announced that they had run aground creatively, but that this was no cause for panic. Following a long hiatus, they picked up the thread once more last year. The album Wildness entered the Ultratop at number 2 in June 2018. A month later, Snow Patrol played Rock Werchter in a stunning return to form. New songs like Don’t Give In, Empress and Heal Me have joined the long list of sing-along classics. Snow Patrol turn 25 in 2019: let’s celebrate!

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