“Belgium, you are totally CRAZY!” Goldband wrote on Instagram in September 2022, moments after selling out two nights at the Lotto Arena in barely 20 minutes. The trio has difficulties coming to terms with how it has suddenly become the most Belgian group from the Netherlands. That said, Boaz, Karel and Milo have probably figured out by now that humour and partying are part of the Belgian national character. Goldband’s music is pure joy, like De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig for birthday parties. Sing-along pop with rolling beats - ‘Witte Was’, ‘Noodgeval’, ‘Alles Kapot’ – which made them the first Dutch people to score a hat trick in our country last year: Rock Werchter + Tomorrowland + Pukkelpop. Finally, Goldband is also available in shops. It’s a plaster for interior walls and ceilings.

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