14:40 - 15:30


Arsenal is a truly global band. Its skippers, John Roan and Hendrik Willemyns, search every corner of the globe for inspiration for their cosmopolitan dance machine. As long as it’s (a little bit) exotic and has a good groove. Over the past quarter of a century the duo have written their own story and provided the soundtrack to it. The breadth of their compilation ‘A Collection’ (2021) – their first ‘best of’ - is remarkable. Even so, audience favourites like ‘Melvin’, ‘Estupendo’, ‘Saudade’ and ‘Lotuk’ are audibly of the same family. They are different notes of the same perfume that come into their own beautifully on stage. Arsenal live is an unparalleled phenomenon. By now they know the route to Werchter with their eyes closed. The band has appeared at Rock Werchter as often as Metallica. That’s seven times. It’s even their second Boutique…

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