14:20 - 15:20


Arsenal is a cosmopolitan dance machine. John Roan and Hendrik Willemyns search for inspiration in every corner of the world, as long as it's exotic and swinging. They travelled to Africa for their latest album ‘In the rush of shaking shoulders’ (2018). In Nigeria they stumbled upon afrobeat, one of the most swinging music genres on earth. The local Edaoto & The Afrogenius Band inspired the new songs. They are a worthy supplement to established dance floor staples like ‘Estupendo’, ‘Lotuk’, ‘Melvin’, ‘Saudade, Pt. 2’ and ‘Longee’. Arsenal is a podium phenomenon. The group has been a fixture at Rock Werchter for years. Arsenal was part of the line-up for the seventh time last year. That's just as often as Kings Of Leon, Metallica, Muse, Placebo and R.E.M.. In other words, the very biggest names.

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