16:15 - 17:15

5 Seconds of Summer

The Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer (a.k.a. 5SOS) have the sun in their name. They are the result of a shared love of the metalcore of their fellow countrymen, Parkway Drive. The tuneful punk of blink-182, Good Charlotte and Green Day also influenced the quartet. Things really picked up for them when half of One Direction admitted they were fans. In 2013, 5SOS accompanied the boy band on a global tour, and the rest is history. ’Youngblood’ (2018) was the third album in a row to enter the American chart at #1. That’s a record. Songs like ‘She Looks So Perfect’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Teeth’ and ‘Youngblood’ are great to sing along to. Album number four is in the pipeline. Warm up those vocal cords!

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