Oct 8, 2021

Stromae at Werchter Boutique 2022

Back in 2022 after a mandatory break: Werchter Boutique. Back after an even longer time: Stromae. Bringing both together is a golden combination. On Sunday 19 June the magic will happen. Stromae will be playing Werchter Boutique!

Stromae entered in the golden book of Werchter a few years ago when he closed Rock Werchter 2014 with a show that approached perfection. Visually state of the art, musically a masterpiece. Stromae released his first album 'Cheese' in 2010. World fame followed in 2013 thanks to 'Racine Carrée'. Recently, Stromae has only sporadically sought the limelight. For the launch of one of the collections of his fashion label Mosaert, he released the song 'Défiler'. In 2019, he performed ‘Arabesque’ with Coldplay during their album launch in Jordan. With his brother, he directed clips for Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa. What will the future bring? Only Stromae himself who knows the answer to that question. For now, his return to the big stages is a certainty.

Tickets for Werchter Boutique 2022 with Stromae go on sale on Wednesday 13 October at 10 am via ticketmaster.be. A ticket costs 92 euros (including service costs and mobility contribution). More Werchter Boutique news will follow shortly. Alors On Danse!